Disclosure:This is a paid press release! The reader should conduct their own investigation prior to making any decisions in connection with the company. Learn More DiveWallet is a practical cross-chain wallet designed to protect the crypto-related assets of users and making the cryptocurrency sector more feasible. The wallet is set to release in the quarter-third of 2022. The wallet’s developers are delighted to unveil the release of DiveWallet Token. Because security is vital to Quantum Code, all personal information is secured by an SSL certificate. Its initial supply of tokens will be 1 quadrillion, a portion that will be sold to investors over three phases including the presale, private sale and the public launch.

The funds raised from the coin sale will be used to in the development of the wallet. Initial tokens will be allocated 22% of the proceeds channeled towards increasing liquidity in order to raise the price level for this DiveWallet indigenous token. Early bird buyers had the chance to purchase 10 percent of the tokens in the private sale that was now concluded. People who missed out on the sale’s initial offer will receive 29 percent of the tokens at the presale.

The community-based protocol will distribute 6percent of the coins to the team’s wallet to aid in the development of DiveWallet as well as it’s utility token. In addition the dedicated team will plan to transfer 33 percent of the tokens to the burn wallet in order to create worth for the holders.

DiveWallet provides real Utility in those in the Crypto Community!

The highly experienced DiveWallet team is currently working on innovative ideas for their cryptocurrency wallet that will generate more volume for the holders in the near future. It is expected that the DiveWallet reflection Token is expected to provide real value by integrating advanced security features and tokenomic functions that are more advanced than traditional trust-based wallets. DiveWallet will be much more than an ordinary digital wallet thanks to the capability to store the Cost-of-Cost (DCA) information as well as the initial amount that is invested.

The users will use the wallet to gain an in-depth and accurate analysis of their cryptocurrency holdings. The product is expected to provide investors with peace of mind with notifications immediately when their wallet connects to a web 3.0 address. In addition users will be given the option of choosing an option for a price source from the top crypto tracking sites, including Coinmarketcap, Poocoin, Dextools and many other.

DiveWallet Tokenomics and Security Features

DiveWallet tokenomics are unique in that they don’t charge a marketing or team DiveWallet tokenomics are distinctive in that they don’t have marketing or team charges. In fact, it takes small transaction taxes that provides DiveWallet owners with BUSD reflections of 13% and allows members of the wallet team to create capital without having to pay a transaction tax.

The profits generated by reflections on tokens will go towards creation of the cross-chain wallet offering unprecedented security and efficiency to the crypto market. The supporters of the project have pledged to support the ongoing development of DiveWallet through strategic partnerships and private investment. To build trust among crypto investors DiveWallet has DiveWallet team has recently completed an exhaustive audit of smart contracts carried out by the blockchain security company InterFi.