Bitcoin NFT Mania

  • Ordinals, or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Bitcoin’s network are driving an increase in block size and attention.
  • The protocol just recently saw its 100,000th inscription take place.
  • High-end sales have already taken place within the range of the first 1,000 inscriptions.

Overview of Bitcoin NFT Mania

The concept of a non-fungible token (NFT) is gaining more traction as Bitcoin’s technology continues to evolve. Ordinals, which are Bitcoin’s version of an NFT, have been making headlines over the past couple of weeks due to their increasing popularity. As reported by Dune Analytics, there are now more than 106K inscriptions carried out on Bitcoin’s network – a testament to the rapid growth and adoption rate for this relatively nascent space. Inscriptions require users to maintain a fully synchronized node in order to write data onto the blockchain.

High-End Sales of Ordinals

High-end sales have already taken place within the range of the first 1,000 inscriptions. The most notable sale belongs to Ordinal Punks who achieved an all-time high with $77K worth of ETH being sold during their auction. This is indicative of how popular these digital assets are becoming and how much people are willing to invest in them. Given that it only takes around 4 minutes for someone to create and mint their own ordinal, this market could be ripe for further growth in 2021 and beyond.

Impact on Network State

The surge in interest surrounding ordinals has had a notable effect on Bitcoin’s network state itself. As more people engage with this technology and use it for various purposes such as writing data or creating digital collectibles, block size increases accordingly – thus leading to higher fees for miners who need to process these transactions. This has sparked a massive debate within the community about whether or not these fees should be reduced so that everyone can use this technology at lower costs.


In summary, ordinals have become increasingly popular over the past few weeks as more people look into creating digital collectibles and writing data onto the blockchain via inscriptions. A new milestone was just recently achieved when we saw the 100Kth inscription take place on Bitcoin’s network – highlighting just how quickly this technology is growing in terms of user engagement and adoption rate. High-end sales have already taken place indicating that there is money to be made from investing in ordinals if done right; but at the same time, it also means higher fees for miners who need to process these transactions which has sparked some controversy within certain circles of the community.